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This page contains our recorded Sunday Morning Services.  This page will normally only contain a few weeks of recordings.  We encourage you to visit our Facebook page to view our other recordings.  

“In The Storm”

“In The Storm”

“Unforgettable Words”

“Unforgettable Words” – Message 1

“Unforgettable Words” – Message 2

“Unforgettable Words” – Message 3

“Unforgettable Words” – Message 4

“Unforgettable Words” – Message 5

“Living on Purpose; Knowing and Doing God’s Purposes for My Live”

“Living On Purpose”

“Living On Purpose” – Message 2

“Living On Purpose” – Message 3

“Living On Purpose” – Message 4

“Living On Purpose” – Message 5

“A Journey Toward Generosity”

“A Journey Toward Generosity”

“Look Up”

Look Up – Message 1

Look Up – Message 2

Look Up – Message 3

Look Up – Message 4

“The Invisible War”

“The Invisible War” – Message 1

“The Invisible War” – Message 2

“The Invisible War” – Message 3

“The Invisible War” – Message 4

“The Invisible War” – Message 5

“The Invisible War” – Message 6

“The Invisible War” – Message 7

“The Invisible War” – Message 8

The Invisible War – Message 9

The Invisible War – Message 10

The Invisible War – Message 11

Guest Speaker Seth Carney

Guest Speaker – Seth Carney

Guest Speaker Jordan Lauffer

Jordan Lauffer

“Don’t Give Up”

“Don’t Give Up”

“A Lesson In Love”

“A Lesson In Love”

“The Picture From The Potter”

“The Picture From The Potter”

“The Picture of Service”

“The Picture of Service”

“The Picture of Surrender” – Isaiah 6:1-8

“The Picture of Surrender”